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Digital Trios Dental Lab

It can be difficult to provide exceptional care for your dental patients if you’re working with an incompetent lab. Therefore, you need an established, proven digital Trios dental lab in your corner. This is why you should connect with our staff at The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental laboratory.

As a nationwide leading implant and cosmetic lab, we’re ready to serve as your preferred 3Shape Trios Ready dental lab. Our cutting-edge facility is located in the San Francisco CA Bay area. However, we can promise you quick turnaround times and unparalleled quality on each one of your cases.

The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Laboratory

Covering the needs you have for a digital Trios dental lab

Most high-end cosmetic dentists do not have an in-house lab. Therefore, it’s important that you work with a lab that will help you deliver great care for your patients.

With The Art Of Aesthetics as your digital Trios dental lab, you can expect all the hallmarks of an effective lab, including:

  • Easy to communicate with. As your 3Shape Trios Ready dental lab, we walk you to link your 3Shape Trios dental scanner to our lab. Also, we have a support staff that will make sure important information about your case is communicated to our team.
  • Quality work by experienced technicians. Not only do the technicians combine for decades of experience, but they’re outfitted with cutting-edge tools and equipment. We have embraced the future of digital dentistry!
  • Quick turnaround times. We don’t want to leave you or your patient waiting. Turnaround time for single unit crown restorations are only three days in the lab. But, we never sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.

On top of all that, The Art Of Aesthetics can restore nearly all brands of implants. In addition, we pair you with a technician for your future cases. And, provide free pickup and delivery for regular and valuable clients in the San Francisco CA Bay Area and the rest of the US. There are so many benefits that come with choosing our team as your trusted lab.

Find what you’re looking for in a digital Trios dental lab by connecting with The Art Of Aesthetics right now.

Why Our Dental Lab?

The Art Of Aesthetics is not another dental lab. We are a high-quality capability of facilitating our valuable clients without involving a third party. In fact, we are not another large company that doesn’t know who you are. We know exactly who you are and what you expect from us. As a matter of fact, you will talk to the same person when you call us. This is because we are a small but dynamic cosmetic and implant dental lab providing our restoration services to upscale and fine dentistry throughout the United States.

Aesthetic Porcelain Veneers

At our digital Trios dental lab, you can restore different types of restorations in one place: e.max (emax) porcelain veneers or Empress Esthetic veneers. Utilizing our high-technology and our experienced ceramists, we can fabricate precise and aesthetic restorations at affordable prices.

The Art Of Aesthetics is a highly dependable cosmetic-implant lab. Besides, we construct patient-specific implant abutments that go with veneers and crowns. As a matter of fact, we do everything under one roof, by the same ceramist for the highest consistency.

Our delivery service is the most dependable and even free to your dental clinics. Choose us now.