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Cosmetic Dental Lab

As a cosmetic dentist, you likely look to a cosmetic dental lab to handle porcelain cosmetic restorations, even fabricate precise, quality-made bridges, crowns, and other prosthetics.

It’s important that you pick the right partner for this vital role and The Art Of Aesthetics wants to show you that we have what it takes! As your laboratory, The Art Of Aesthetics will take your digital impressions and other vital information for a case and move forward to produce quality work that will transform the smiles of your patients.

You can connect your dental intraoral scanner to our lab to quickly transfer digital impressions. Or, you can send us good old-fashioned PVS impressions.

As your cosmetic dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics strives to:

  • Make your job easier: We know that dentists are busy people and don’t have time to micromanage cases in the lab. With The Art Of Aesthetics as your cosmetic dental lab, we’ll guide the process forward quickly and efficiently, providing quick turnaround times.
  • Help you provide better treatment for patients: The Art Of Aesthetics provides precision and quality — this means bridges, crowns, veneers, implants, and other prosthetics will fit better for your patients and give them an overall better experience in your chair.
  • Enhance your practice: Your practice will only be as effective as the dental lab you work with. In fact, The Art Of Aesthetics wants to enhance the quality of service you are able to provide.

Talk to us more about our process and ask us about our free shipping policy. We’re ready to take on your cosmetic case here at The Art Of Aesthetics. Choose our team as your trusted cosmetic dental lab.

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The Art Of Aesthetics Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Diagnostic Waxup

Most Beautiful Cosmetic Veneers

Thanks to The Art Of Aesthetics, your dental practice is able to leverage a cutting-edge dental lab to provide elite level restoration work for your patients, including the most beautiful cosmetic veneers from our dental lab.

Dentists all across the country routinely encounter patients that require important dental prosthetics such as implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers. These components are crucial in helping them restore a beautiful, functional smile. That means you need a proven lab that can handle this important work for you.

The Art Of Aesthetics is ready to fill that role for you. Our advanced technique lab is located in Santa Rosa CA, the San Francisco CA bay area, but we serve practices all across the country with a streamlined process and precision work that leads to quality finished products. We are ready for the present and future of digital dentistry, and it shows in our work.

Connect with us through your scanner

The digital intraoral scanner provides dentists advanced technology to capture digitally accurate impressions of a patient’s mouth. At The Art Of Aesthetics, cosmetic dental lab, we can show you how to link your scanner up with our lab so that you can instantly send us impressions and other information needed for your case.

You can manage your case seamlessly through the scanner for quick turnaround times and quality finished products.

A few other reasons that cosmetic dentists rely on our lab is because we:

  • Provide quick turnaround times
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Pair you with a dedicated technician for your cases
  • Have a support staff available to field your questions and concerns
  • Ship for free to our regular clients

The Art Of Aesthetics is ready to help you take your practice to the next level through our cosmetic dental lab services. Connect with us through our online contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you.

Get an elite level of service

As one of the most renowned cosmetic dental labs in the country, The Art Of Aesthetics provides dentists across the U.S. with quality products and streamlined service to help them best treat their patients.

We take cosmetic dentistry seriously — we know that the happiness of your patients is on the line. That’s why, as your cosmetic dental laboratory, we ensure your satisfaction and the smile of your patients.

Experience the difference of our dental lab

As your cosmetic dental lab, ensure great work because of:

  • An experienced, skilled staff. You will have a dedicated technician that handles all your cases, and these are proven, highly-trained members of the industry.
  • Innovative methods and cutting-edge tools. We’re invested in the future of digital dentistry and it shows in the precision and quality that we offer in our products.
  • Quality materials and finished products. We care about your patients just as much as you do — we do not rest until we provide quality work that serves them well.

As your dental laboratory, we make your life easier. See for yourself by connecting with our team via our online contact form.

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab located in Santa Rosa CA is your cosmetic solution. As a cosmetic dental lab, our goal is to make our clients happy, one patient at a time. Over the past 30 years in service, we have serviced thousands of happy patients. We are not mass-producing like other dental labs in the United States. Therefore, this figure is significantly important to us. Each patient is priceless here at The Art Of Aesthetics Dental Laboratory. We communicate with dentists if we have any suggestions or recommendations, even for the most minute detail, aiming for perfection. We will work very closely with your dental office to deliver your crowns and bridges as perfectly as possible.

Our first-class level services

If your patient is not happy, we did not do our job properly and will not rest until every patient is satisfied. We would rather start over than deliver products that are not acceptable to us. If veneers would not be acceptable for our families or friends, we will not deliver them to you.

The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental lab will earn your partnership in your dental business by being with you from the start to the end of each dental restoration case.

We know it takes a lot of trust in a cosmetic dental lab, and we will earn your trust with each case, every day.

We will make sure that you will not want to send your cases to other cosmetic dental laboratories in the United States. If you have been looking for a cosmetic dental lab for a while, maybe even years, then look no further. The Art Of Aesthetics will be the last cosmetic lab you will ever need. In addition, we accept most intraoral scanned files such as Align iTero, 3Shape Trios, 3M True Definition, Cerec, Carestream, STL, and more.

If you need any technology or material evaluations, then we will do our due diligence and provide you with unbiased analyses and opinions. As always, we are here to support you, even when you want to invest in an intra-oral digital scanner, a 3D printer for temporary crowns, digital marketing, or the most minute bond material selections. In fact, we do not claim to have all the answers, but we will do our best to find the best solutions for your needs.

We are not just another lab but rather a one-stop source for all your cosmetic dental needs. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Welcome to our cosmetic dental lab.

3Shape Trios Ready Cosmetic Dental Lab

Provide outstanding treatment at your cosmetic dental practice by connecting with a leading Trios dental lab. Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, cosmetic dentists throughout the country rely on our lab for their restoration needs.

The Art Of Aesthetics operates a cutting-edge facility in San Francisco CA Bay, which allows our team to provide streamlined service no matter where you are located in the United States.

For instance, if you’re looking for a reliable 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory, you can expect quick turnaround times, quality products, and close communication throughout this process. It’s a stress-free experience that will make your life easier while allowing you to transform the smiles of your patients.

Why The Art Of Aesthetics is a great fit as your Trios dental lab

It’s essential that you work with a lab that facilitates strong communication — your case relies on it.

As your cosmetic dental lab, not only do we have a responsive support staff that is available during business hours but we also work effectively with dentists that use the 3Shape Trios dental intraoral scanner.

We’ll show you how to link up your scanner with our lab so that you can transmit digital images immediately. Even if you don’t use the Trios scanner, we accept most other types of digital impressions and you can even ship us PVS impressions.

A dedicated technician will be assigned to your account and handle all of your future cases, giving you quality and consistency in the finished product.

Quick turnaround times and free shipping

Turnaround time for single-unit crown restorations is only three days in the lab with Trios files, which is relatively faster than local labs. These quick turnaround times can be attributed to outstanding staff and cutting-edge equipment in our facility. We even offer 3D model printing to save you time and money.

Make cosmetic dental services easy and stress-free at your practice by using The Art Of Aesthetics as your cosmetic dental lab. We’re standing by, ready to work with you.

Align iTero Partner Cosmetic Dental Lab

Get streamlined service and quality products from a leading Align iTero Partner dental by connecting with the staff at The Art Of Aesthetics.

Our team is here to serve as your partners in providing world-class cosmetic dental laboratory service for your patients. Our cutting-edge lab serves cosmetic dentists all across the United States effectively.

Working closely with our clients

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we have various ways that we offer close, effective communication so that we can move through your case efficiently. For starters, we’ll show you how to link up your iTero dental intraoral scanner directly to our lab.

It only requires a few steps. And, then you’ll be able to immediately transmit digital impressions to our team. In fact, we don’t just accept digital images from a scanner — we can work with a variety of formats and that includes traditional PVS impressions.

Save time and money with our lab

As a cosmetic dentist, you likely want outstanding quality in your restoration cases while saving time and money. The Art Of Aesthetics lets you.

  • We know how crucial quick turnaround times are. With cutting-edge equipment, an experienced technical staff, and helpful client support team members, we’ll make sure your case moves along smoothly. In fact, the turnaround time for single unit crown restorations averages just three days in our lab with iTero impressions.
  • As your cosmetic dental lab, we’ll help you save money on your restoration cases. We have 3D model printing capabilities right in our lab to save you both time and money. Also, we ship our cases for free to regular clients, which is a little added bonus.

At the end of the day, you’re just concerned about the happiness of your patients, and we are, too! We have your back when it comes to providing elite dental restoration for your clients.

Learn more about how you can make The Art Of Aesthetics your trusted iTero dental lab by connecting with us through our online contact form.

3M True Definition Margin Marking Cosmetic Dental Lab

By connecting with the right True Definition dental lab, you can ensure that your restoration dental cases are in good hands.

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, our team welcomes cosmetic dentists from throughout the U.S. to rely on our technicians for their needs. We operate a cutting-edge cosmetic dental lab that provides outstanding work on everything from bridges, crowns, and implants to veneers.

As your trusted 3M True Definition Margin Marking dental laboratory, we’ll help you link your True Definition dental scanner to our lab so that you can capture and submit digital impressions right away. It will ensure that each case moves along swiftly.

When you work with The Art Of Aesthetics as your cosmetic dental lab, you can expect:

  • Quality products: It’s important that you provide quality products that will transform the smiles of your patients. With The Art Of Aesthetics, we provide precision and top-notch materials to create products that fit will and require few adjustments.
  • World-class technicians: When you work with The Art Of Aesthetics, you will be paired with a dedicated technician who will oversee each of your future cases. This provides consistency in each case. The technicians and ceramists in our lab are highly trained and carry decades of combined experience.
  • High quality standards: Nothing leaves our lab unless it meets our high quality standards. This is because we know how important quality is to you and your patients — we never compromise in this area of our work.

As your cosmetic dental lab, The Art Of Aesthetics offers quick turnaround times, free shipping for regular clients, and a support team that is available to meet your needs during normal business hours. Team up with a lab that will make your life — and your work — easier. Connect with The Art Of Aesthetics (CA) right now in your 3M True Definition scanner.

Sirona Connect Cosmetic Dental Lab

If you’re ready to take your practice’s lab work to the next level, then connect with The Art Of Aesthetics, now serving as the preeminent Sirona Connect lab.

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, we operate one of the most cutting-edge and innovative Cerec dental labs in the country. Furthermore, we work with cosmetic Cerec dentists all across the country to streamline their cases and provide outstanding quality in our work.

Connect with our lab through your Cerec scanner

If you’re like one of the many cosmetic dentists that use the Cerec dental scanner, then you can transmit important information for each case right to our lab. We’ll show you how to connect your scanner system up to our cosmetic dental lab so that you are able to send us digital impressions immediately.

We also accept other digital impressions in addition to PVS impressions. Our team will make sure we have all the pertinent information about your case so that we can go to work providing outstanding quality in our work and quick, convenient turnaround times.

Looking for a cosmetic dental lab that cares about your patients as much as you do?

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we know the importance of our work. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing work that shows off the precision of our state-of-the-art technology. We implement the future of digital dentistry at our lab, and it shows in products that fit better and look better.

Furthermore, we’re confident you will appreciate our open communication, quick turnaround times, and the free shipping that we provide for our elite clients!

You can connect with us right now through our online contact form. If you’re looking to entrust your lab work with the leading lab, then see what The Art Of Aesthetics has to offer.

In Conclusion

Welcome to The Art Of Aesthetics, where our team wants to meet your needs for a qualified cosmetic dental lab.

We invite you to explore the many benefits that come with utilizing our dental lab for all of your cases. The Art Of Aesthetics is devoted to working closely with cosmetic dentists throughout the country to help them provide high-quality treatment for their patients.

Make The Art Of Aesthetics your cosmetic dental lab

At The Art Of Aesthetics, we can show you how easy it is to transmit important information about your cases so that our team can get to work right away.

If you use any dental scanning system, such as Trios, iTero, True Definition, Cerec, and you’re looking for a cosmetic dental lab to make the process easier, then our team can show you how to link directly with our lab for quick transfer of impressions.

In fact, The Art Of Aesthetics simplifies each phase of your case, benefitting you in a variety of ways, again:

  • Save you time: With The Art Of Aesthetics, you will get quick turnaround times. This means that, with our team as your cosmetic dental lab, you can provide prompt treatment for your patients.
  • Quality products: To transform the smiles of your patients, you need crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, and other products that fit well and look great. We provide both. Again, we can promise only the highest quality of our products.
  • Peace of mind: The technicians on our team are second to none and carry decades of combined experience. Therefore, you can trust that they, with the help of our support staff, will move your case along efficiently and make sure that we eliminate any stress and worry from your end.

End your search for a digital cosmetic dental lab and connect with The Art Of Aesthetics. Actually, we’re ready to work closely with you to provide the highest caliber of treatment for your patients. Contact us today!